Kanaba Flatwork Roll Ironer

Kanaba Flatwork Roll Ironer



Kanaba Flatwork Roll Ironer is a laundry machine that has reliable quality, equipped with features that are specifically designed to facilitate the process of finishing professional laundry.

The process of making laundry machines that are done carefully, consistently and innovatively produces reliable roller machines. The laundry machine raw material is selected from the quality type and is designed with an elegant shape making the Kanaba roller machine become one of the main choices in the professional laundry finishing process.

Kanaba Flatwork Roll Ironer for bed linen, pillowcase, napkin, linen or a kind of cloth that is relatively thin, wide or small and without ornaments / accessories. Machine safety has been tested at the time of operation, also equipped with an emergency button that can be used to stop the engine when pressing / wrong in the ironing process. The following are components of the Kanaba Roller Laundry Machine:

Flat & Close Ironer Rolls

304 stainless steel stainless material is safe for linen.

The cover prevents hands / other objects from entering the iron process so that it is safe.

Flatwork top and bottom lined up the linen in and out neatly.

Emergency Button

Located on the left and right side of the machine so that it is easy to reach the hand.

Stop the iron process that does not run properly according to the procedure so as not to damage the linen and the machine.

The analogue system makes it easy to stop the engine quickly.

Machine Construction & Design


Simple and easy to understand.

Mechanical / electrical mechanics are easy to handle & maintain.

Spare Part is easy to find in your city.

Analogue systems make it easier to operate.

Wind Hole Machine

There are on several sides of the engine.

Able to cool the engine so that the temperature is not excessive.

Equipped with a blower where cold air outside is sucked in through the air outlet simultaneously the air inside the engine that is hot will be wasted out together, so the engine is at an ideal working temperature.

The advantages of Roll Ironer

Use hand guards to prevent hands from entering the machine.

Using inverter technology, thus saving electricity and speed can be regulated.

The electrical panel is easy to understand.

Spart parts are easy to get.

Using 304 stainless steel tube.

Construction of sturdy machines.

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Kanaba Flatwork Roll Ironer
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