Kanaba Extractor Carpet

Kanaba Extractor Carpet
carpet spinner mesin laundry karpet

Is a Pioneer extractor carpet machine manufacturer in Indonesia, has a strong rotating power, because it is made from a combination of stainless steel and cast iron which makes this machine a tough and reliable.

Stainless steel is a rust-resistant material that is applied to basketball tubes that intersect with fabric, and cast iron is a sturdy material that makes all components of the construction stable.

Kanaba Extractor Carpet (Kanaba Carpet Laundry machine) is the right choice tool in carpet professional laundry workmanship. Supported by good quality raw materials and perfection in manufacture so it is appropriate to use Kanaba carpet laundry machines.

Advantages of Kanaba Extractor Carpet.

The construction of the engine is tough and reliable.

Has strong rotating power.

Using stainless steel.

SNI-ISO 9001: 2015 certified

Spare Parts are easy to get.

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Kanaba Extractor Carpet
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