Kanaba Dryer Laundry

Kanaba Dryer Laundry

Kanaba Dryer Laundry
                 Kanaba Dryer Laundry

Kanaba dryer laundry or laundry machine for hospital / hotel laundry is our superior product that has been used throughout Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. has good durability and high performance so that the hospital laundry dryer is the choice for hospital laundry machines to replace imported products.
Kanaba This laundry dryer has the accuracy and precision in the workmanship so that it gets precision results in terms of shape, accurate in terms of the results of its laundry. The heat balance and drying time are very accurate and it is proven that with 40 minutes the hospital laundry dryer and the hotel will dry 100%.
Kanaba Laundry dryers are available in various sizes so you can adjust your needs. This machine is equipped with various security, convenience, and energy saver. Quality ingredients and machines on our laundry dryer machines include:

Door Security (automatic button)

When the door opens the machine automatically turns off without reducing the time from the timer.
Ensure that operators avoid incidents when picking up and filling tumbler fabrics.
Drum Tumbler (perforated)

Very simple in cleaning and maintenance.
Treatment 2-3 times a day (handglove / vacuum cleaner)
Large mesh filters are able to withstand small dust.
Button Panel

Ignition indicator is on / off.
The Power indicator is on / off.
The timer functions as a drying and cooling timer.
The Power Switch functions to turn on and turn off the engine speed.
The Burner switch functions to turn on and turn off the heater fire.
Thermo Temperature Control

Function to adjust the drying temperature according to the wishes and needs of the user.

Easy settings.
For Dryer 16 kg Thermo control is in front of the panel, while for a capacity of 30 kg / more is located on the back of the machine.
The ideal drying temperature is 70-100 degrees Celsius.
The exit temperature after drying can be controlled.
The advantages of Dryer

Door safety, when the door opens the machine automatically stops.
Temperature protection, when there is an excess of automatic flame heat.
Motor protection, if there is an excess of electric current, the motor automatically stops.
A fired heater, using a turbo burner system so that the colour of the blue flame.
The electrical panel is easy to understand.
Spare parts are easy to get.
304 stainless steel tube.
Strong and reliable engine construction.
SNI-ISO 9001: 2015 certified.
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Kanaba Dryer Laundry
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