Laundry Machine

Laundry Machine

We are a manufacturer of laundry machines in the local Indonesian hospital Kanaba brand, precisely in the student city of Yogyakarta, the hospital laundry machines that we produce have reliable quality, guaranteed after-sales guarantees are equipped with ease in getting spare parts.

Kanaba Laundry Machine has experienced producing laundry machines for 8 years which have been tested with the SNI-ISO 9001: 2005 certificate. Also supported by experienced technicians and spare parts that are easily available so you don’t have to hesitate to buy our products.

Products from our laundry machines are prioritized for hospital laundry machines and also hotel laundry machines but we also provide laundry machines for households. Our laundry machine is available in various types and sizes. For this type of laundry machine, we include Dryer Kanaba (Laundry Drying Machine), Waser Extractor (Washing machine and squeezer), Roll Ironer (Ironing Machine), Vacum Table (Iron Table), Extractor kanaba (Laundry Squeezer Machine).

Dryer Kanaba (Laundry Drying Machine)

Laundry Machine is one of the laundry machines that can be used in hospitals or hotels. This laundry drying machine has various models and sizes. This laundry machine is available from a small capacity of 16 kg to a large capacity laundry machine of 90 kg.

Washer Extractor (Washing machine and squeezer)

This Laundry Machine functions for washing and squeezing to run two processes at once which can be used for hospital or hotel laundry. This washing machine and squeezer also has several models and sizes. Get sick of the laundry machine with a capacity size of 20kg up to a size of 90 kg capacity. The advantage of the Washer Extractor is able to save space and also electricity because it has used inverter technology so that the rotation speed can be adjusted according to desire.

Roll Ironer (Ironing Machine)

This roll ironing machine can be used for bed linen, pillowcase, napkin, linen, or a type of cloth that is relatively thin, wide or small without ornaments. This laundry ironing machine has several models starting with a length of 190 cm up to an ironing machine with a length of 380 cm.

Washer Capsule (Washing Machine Without Squeezer)

Our Washer Capsule is made of 304 stainless steel, waterproof and chemical resistant. The laundry machine has a sturdy, reliable and high-quality construction so that it is more durable compared to a plastic-coated laundry machine. Hospital laundry machines and this hotel have several models starting with a 20 kg small laundry machine up to a 60 kg laundry machine.

Kanaba Extractor (Squeezer Machine)

This laundry machine is specifically designed to squeeze clothes made of 304 stainless steel stainless steel. Besides this laundry machine has inverter power so it can save electricity costs. Hospital laundry machines and this hotel have several models ranging from laundry machines with a capacity of 20 kg to a capacity of 80 kg.

Carpet Spinner Kanaba (Carpet Washing Machine)

Kanaba extractor carpet is the right choice tool in carpet professional laundry workmanship. This laundry machine is made of strong and high-quality materials.

Vacuum Table (Iron Table)

The laundry machine has been presented for a laundry machine to support the perfection of laundry finishing, Kanaba Table Vacum is made with quality and precision material so that the machine works perfectly. This laundry machine can be used for hospital, hotel and household laundry.

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